Victoria Trueb
Unit 2 Fitness is a locally owned CrossFit and Martial Arts gym in midtown Atlanta, GA.  Unit 2 was founded by a small group of martial artists and professional fighters who, like many of you, were fed up with corporate “big box” gym.  Gyms that lacked the equipment and programs needed to achieve the elite levels of fitness required for competition.  The founders designed Unit 2 to have a team-like atmosphere.  A gym where people can train hard, learn from some of the most skilled martial artists in the business and see results.  Since opening in 2007 Unit2 has done just that.

Unit 2 Fitness is an award-winning gym having been voted the Best Gym, Best Cardio Class, Best CrossFit, and Best Martial Arts gym in Atlanta.  TapOut Magazine has rated us as one of the Best Grappling Academies in the United States and Men’s Health referred to Unit 2 as the best place to get a “hardcore” workout in Atlanta.

With so much instructional talent under one roof, it’s no surprise that Unit 2 produces WEC World Champions, Iron Ring Champions, Strikeforce and UFC winners.  Not to mention a winning history in grappling in Georgia.  Unit 2 Fitness has taken people who work in corporate America and turned them into competitive athletes at the national level.  We can help you get into the best shape of your life.  Come on!  Be one of our success stories!

You don’t have to take our word for it!  Read what real people are saying about Unit 2 Fitness: