Wild Bills Fight Night 33 Post Muay Thai Fight

The weight in day has been the 1st day that I have actually been nervous about this upcoming fight. The fight was certainly on my mind a lot but it was distant enough that it never really made me nervous. My weight has been on point for this fight so I didnt cut at all for it. On weight in day I skipped lunch and stopped taking in fluids at noon. I met my opponent. He looked basically what I had imagined him to look like. He was short and very stocky. He looked like a wrestler. I know his coach and we chatted amiably about racing cars before the weigh ins. Chris, my opponent, was very polite and we exchanged a few pleasantries.

I woke up fight day feeling awesome. I spent the day watching Spartacus on Netflix. My brother came into town with another friend of ours. I felt totally at ease and knew I was going to win. My brother David is an Athletic trainer at GSU and he met me at Unit 2 and helped me do some light dynamic stretches and light work to get my mind and body working a few hours before the fight.

Randy and Dymond met me at the gym and we all made our way to Wild Bills for the fight. At the fight they wrapped my hands under the close scrutiny of the GA boxing commission representatives. Once my hands were wrapped Randy started warming me up. I started to have a sick feeling in my stomach but still felt very confident.

The boxing commission representative walked me up to the stage before I walked out to the ring. As I stood waiting to come down I thought about how I was going to win. I felt totally at ease and ready for battle. I slowly walked down to the ring.

The fight went very fast. Chris punched very hard and was very strong. I fell back on my training and kneed him every time he came near me. In the end I won the fight by unanimous decision. The entire experience was awesome and the fight its self was tons of fun!

Its Monday and I don’t have a bruise on me. My knees are a bit sore from hitting his elbows and forearms but other than that I feel 100%. I trained lightly today and tomorrow it is back to hard training. I want to fight again soon!!

Nick wins at WBFN 33 in Muay Thai fight

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