Using a training journal for CrossFit

When working with clients I require that they keep a training journal.  Tracking your progress in CrossFit is a great motivator.  In the journal you will keep track of your Personal Records (PR), your Benchmark workouts, the “Objective Measures” and also your weekly training.  There are many good reasons to keep a training journal but here are the main ones:

  • Manage time – Put in the journal when you are supposed to go train.  When you miss workouts it will be right there that you did.
  • Track progress – You can readily see if your PRs are getting better.  You can see if your percentage of body fat is decreasing.  If things are getting better seeing it is very motivating.  If things are not improving as fast as you might hope you can figure out why
  • Analyse results –  You can see if the training you are doing is getting you the results that you want.  If something isn’t working you can go back and see what might be causing the problem.
  • Body awareness –  By tracking how you feel each day you can start to get a picture of your overall well being.


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