Training Muay Thai with Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

nick_and_jean_charles_skarbowskyI used to train hard all year to then go on vacation and gain 10 lbs. Then it might take a week to get up the courage to go back to the gym and start training again. It would then take a month to fix the damage that I did to myself over the course of 10 days of sitting around and eating enough food to feed 3 people.

If this sounds familiar then read on!

Now when I take a trip I do some research to find out where the best Muay Thai gym in the area is so I can train while on holiday. Several weeks ago I had a short trip to Europe to watch my Uncle Dan participate in his record setting NHL hockey game. He now has officiated more games then any other American in history. It was also the NHL’s first ever game in Berlin. My frequent flyer miles wouldn’t get me to Berlin so I flew into Paris.

In season 12 of the Ultimate Fighter Georges St. Pierre flew in Jean-Charles Skarbowski to coach his team in Muay Thai. Skarbowski showed up on 3 hours of sleep (allegedly drunk) and proceeded to effortlessly beat up all of the UFC hopefuls. I knew Skarbowski from his fight with my favorite Nak Muay Buakaw Por. Pramuk. He is a 3 time all Europe champion and at one time was considered one of if not the best foreign fighter in Thailand. I knew that I wanted to train with him while in Paris.

My flight into Paris arrived at noon and went directly to the gym to do the Saturday 3pm training. Skarbowski was very nice and helpful. It was tough training. I met and spoke with the locals and was informed of some fun things to do in Paris while I was there. On Monday I went to train again and got to spar with Skarbowski for 30 minutes (with no break). It was humbling and I learned a lot. Wednesday training was equally helpful. 4.5 hours out of my 5 day trip to France ended up being some of the best part of being in Paris and kept me from becoming a slob on vacation.

I left Paris in the same shape I got there in. I was able to train with one of the best Nak Muay in the world. I met locals and found out things to do that I would never have found in the tour guides. When I got back to Atlanta I felt great, still had my abs, and had some new tricks to use in the ring.


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