Training for the Muay Thai classic

2011 marks the second year Randy Pogue will be taking some of our amateur Muay Thai fighters to the Muay Thai Classic in Iowa.  With the tournament coming up in just 10 days the team is very excited and putting in a lot of extra work.  This Saturday will be the last day of hard training for the competitors so this week is crucial for making the final improvements in each fighters game.  For several people this will be their first foray into real fighting.

Helping the fighters prepare reminds us about preparing for our own fights and what it really takes to go out and put it all on the line.  Transitioning from training with people that care about the safety of their teammates to fighting with someone that desires to cause bodily harm is incredibly daunting.  The internal battle that a pugilist has in the weeks approaching a bout is one of the most challenging aspects of being a fighter.  To prepare the fighters for their upcoming battles we force them to go beyond their preconceived limitations.  We cut them no slack.  An outsider without a clear understanding of what is going on might even believe we are being cruel.  Allowing them to rest on their laurels with an impending fight would be the cruelest thing we could ever do to them.  It is our goal to put the fighters in every potential scenario that may arise in the fight so that there are no surprises.

Many people talk about wanting to fight but only a select few have the heart, courage, and perseverance to do it.  All of the people going to the tournament have earned a lot of respect from the coaches here.  Win, lose, or draw they have earned the right to call themselves fighters!

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