Training for a professional Muay Thai fight

Students often ask what it takes to do a professional Muay Thai fight. This article isn’t going to talk about the skills requirement but rather what an average day is like for a pro fighter getting ready to fight in the next 8 weeks. The fight in the ring is the easiest part of the life of a professional fighter.

This is a sample 2.5 hour workout. Many pro fighters train twice per day six days per week. That is five hours per day six days per week.

  • 3 mile run
  • 3×3 minute rounds of jump rope
  • 5×3 minute rounds of shadow boxing
  • 50 thai round kicks with each leg
  • 30 minutes of clinch
  • 5×3 minute rounds on thai pads
  • 5×3 minute rounds on focus mits
  • 500 knees on the bag
  • 5×3 minute rounds of sparring

Keeping up a pro fight camp pace for 8 weeks is extraordinarily grueling. Professional fighters rarely have time during this period to do anything other than train, eat, and sleep. Friends, family, and other work commitments are often severely neglected.

This is the kind of training that can take years for a martial artist to be physically able to do. If you aspire to be a professional Muay Thai fighter than this is the kind of training and time commitment you should be working towards.


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