Train your weakness to Suck Less in Martial Arts and CrossFit

Sometimes we just can’t seem to get better; and that can be frustrating. When I feel like my game isn’t getting any better I focus on sucking less. In any kind of fighting or martial art there are days we get to be the hammer and others where we have to be the nail.  This also seems to be the case in CrossFit classes especially ones with technical lifts like the snatch.  On days when I am feeling like the nail and can’t seem to get my stuff together I focus on just sucking a bit less.

For example when Dymond is beating me up while sparring I may not be always able to turn the tables and win the round. I can reduce my suck and at least block his kicks that are careening into my head. I may still lose the round but I have sucked less and my skull is thankful for that.

This can work for anything. I hate running. I loath running. Running and I are not friends. I believe there are two types of people in this world: those who love running and everyone else. I am the latter.  Training in Thailand forced me to run last year.  While doing it I realized I really REALLY sucked at it.  My running was just egregious.  Since coming back to the states I have decided that I will able to run three consecutive six minute miles. I can barely run three miles in 24 minutes.  I would be really frustrated with my running if I focused on being a great runner.  Instead I focus on sucking at running less.  I run a few times a week and am very slowly reducing my suck at it.  Hopefully by my next trip to Thailand I wont be the slowest of the fighters at the camp.

So if you suck at something just try and suck a bit less at it. One day you might end up accidentally being good at it.

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