Timing your food for training

Students in my classes regularly ask me when they should be eating in order to have energy during training and get the best results.  This is a basic guide to timing your food intake before and after training to net you the best results both during training and to your overall fitness.  If you have low energy while training then you need to sort your diet.  You need to be hydrated with good energy stores to maximize your training.


Fluids (you need to stay hydrated during the day)  Drink at least 5x 8oz cups of water during the day
4 hours before training eat a normal meal
30-90 minutes prior to training eat snack with 40-50 g  low Glycemic Load

+  10-15 g protein

During Training

Drink 4-8 oz. of fluids every 15-20 minutes (we recommend something with Electrolytes and Carbs, e.g. Gatorade)

Post training & recovery*

Within 30 minutes of training -Drink something with 1-1.5 g/kg of high Glycemic Load carbohydrates and 0.5 g/kg high-quality protein.  Chocolate Milk and or Muscle Milk work great!

Eat normal meal 2 hours after training

*minimum for fat loss: 25 g protein, 30 g carbohydrate

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