Thailand Muay Thai training Day 5

Day 5

I am feeling pretty good now during the training. Rest and recovery are so important here. Sodium is not used in much of the cooking here and the electrolyte drinks don’t have enough. I have started putting a spoon full of salt in my morning electrolyte drink to aid in my staying hydrated. The drink tastes like something your mother might give you for saying bad words at the dinner table. Terrible.

Yesterday Wi, a 16 year old Thai that we train with, fought at Ao Nang Stadium. He KO his opponent in the 4th round with knees. Everyone is in a great mood at the gym. Wi shows up in street cloths glowing after his victory and watches us train. I can tell he is itching to train for his next bout.

We start today with the normal run. Hilary is with us today and she takes off and runs a longer run than us. The run has become easy. We meet back at the camp for shadow boxing. Things have settled into a routine and we go from shadow boxing to the heavy bags without word from Coach Pakda. He is in the ring with some newer students but yells at Hugh and I from time to time. Wil comes over after we do two rounds on the bag and has us work combinations for 3 rounds on the bag.

Wil and I work elbow sparring (no contact on face). He teaches me some great tricks. One point he makes is that on all left elbows you have to pull your left foot off the ground so that there is power to cut. We work knocking the hand down and elbowing and also blocking elbows to tak malla. He shows me a new clinch where you can goad your opponent into kneeing and when he does you can easily throw him to the ground. Also from this clinch tak malla KO are possible.

Coach Rit holds pads for me. I am still not checking body kicks fast enough. They keep yelling at me for this. Rit punches me in the face if I drop my hands. He is very good at keeping me honest. In between rounds I box only spar with Pakda. I go 2 rounds of boxing sparring with Coach Pakda after the pad work rounds are over.

100 knees on the bag. The knees here are all off one foot rather than the two foot method seen in K1. The extensive clinch work makes it necessary to knee this way. When you are working successive knees on the bag never it is acceptable to have both feet on the ground.

Day five training 0800

5 KM jog

Shadow boxing

  • 3 – minute free
  • 1 – minute knees
  • 10 push ups
  • 1 min break
  • (repeat 3 times)

Heavy Bag

  • R1 and R2 – full Muay Thai focusing on hands
  • R3 jab + cross + hook body + hook face, jab + cross + jab + jab, jab + cross + R elbow + L elbow
  • R4 hook body + hook face each side then upper cut body upper cut face
  • R5 4 hard punches

Elbow light spar (3×3 min rounds)

  • Blocking elbows and when opening to tak malla
  • Knocking hands down to elbow
  • Everything from 1st two rounds with clinch

Pads (3x 3 min rounds with boxing sparring during breaks)

  • Jab + cross + hook + upper cuts + elbow + tak malla (up elbow). Attacking from being pushed around with theep and elbows. Lots of checks and blocking hard punches after punching.

Boxing sparring (2×3 min rounds)

  • Light boxing sparring

Heavy Bag

  • 100 kness


  • 40 Thai sit ups
  • 40 Russian twists
  • 40 bicycles
  • 80 side crunches
  • 40 crunches
  • 60 leg ups


Wi, the Thai that fought yesterday, is back to training. I guess all you get is the morning off for winning a fight here. Rit is fighting this Friday at Ao Nang Stadium. He is running more than the rest of us in preparation. It has been raining here each night and it cools everything down. It is 95 degrees or so during the day and the rain dropping the temperature while we are training is a blessing.

Jump rope and shadow boxing have become a habit now. I notice in the mirror that I look bloated. I check my weight and I am up to 78KG. I have been drinking special electrolyte drinks with lots of salt and now I am retaining lots of water. My wind is good and Muay Thai isn’t a fashion show so I can live with the pot belly.

On the bag Wil has us do 50 seconds of full Muay Thai followed by 10 seconds of continuous punches, then 45/15, then 40/20 for the final minute. The next round he just tells us to punch continuously at random.

I work with coach Pakda today on pads. We are doing lots of kicks. He keeps having me to 20 kicks with each leg. It is exhausting but I get through it. After shadow boxing I do kick sparring with Wil. We do about 6 rounds. Wil is very good at using the theep to stop me from kicking and also catching my kicks and dumping me. After this Wil and I work clinch with knees. We do another 15 minutes or so.

Day five training 1600

10 min jump rope

Shadow boxing (15 minutes)

  • 3 – minute free
  • 1 – minute knees
  • 10 push ups
  • 1 min break
  • (repeat 3 times)

Heavy Bag (3x 3 min rounds)

  • Full speed and power Muay Thai with continuous punching intervas

Pads (3x 3 min rounds)

  • Kicks, kicks, and more kicks
  • Did I mention kicks.
  • Pakda also has me do 50 knees with each leg at the end of the final round after the bell.

Light kick sparring (6×3 min rounds)

Clinch (15 minutes)

  • Worked full clinch with light knees and throws


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