Thailand Muay Thai training Day 4

Day 4 training

Resting Friday has paid off! Hugh and I breeze through the morning run. I finally feel normal again. My punches and kicks are fast and crisp as I shadow box. Hugh looks very good while shadow boxing too.

Coach puts us on the heavy bags. We start with 2 one minute rounds of continuous punches. Coach wants the punches as hard and fast as possible with good technique. My shoulders burn but I make it through. After this we do 2 more three minute rounds of full Muay Thai on the bags.

Hugh and I enter the ring and each do 3x three minute rounds on pads. I work with Rit for this session. Hugh then works for a few minutes with the coach doing theep and knee drills. Hugh has a fight coming up in December so they are going very hard on him.

We go back to the heavy bags for 100 knees and then finally we do 300 abs.

Training in Thailand is very different than training in the states. The gym is outside and you can see nature all around. The trainers are always smiling and laughing. Thai people are very quiet in normal life but when training are very loud. There is no ego in this place and guys with 80 fights are no different than guys who have been training for just a few months. When sparring with people in the US injuries and pain are part of the game. If you hit someone too hard they hit you harder back. In Thailand when someone scores a good point in sparring everyone cheers and yells but the pace stays the same. If the hit was too hard there is apologies and bowing. Here you could spar all day and never get a bruise. We spar with full clinch, knees, etc and at a reasonably fast pace. People prove themselves in the stadiums and have no need to show off in the gym. It is something I hope I can bring back with me.

Day four training 0800

5 KM jog

Shadow boxing

  • 3 – minute free
  • 1 – minute knees
  • 10 push ups
  • 1 min break
  • (repeat 3 times)

Heavy Bag

  • R1 – fast punches with full power (one min)
  • R2 – L fast punches with full power (one min)
  • R3 – full Muay Thai
  • R4 – full Muay Thai

Pads (3x 5 min rounds)

  • Jab + cross + hook + upper cuts + elbow + tak malla (up elbow). Attacking from being pushed around with theep and elbows.

Heavy Bag

  • 100 kness


  • 40 Thai sit ups
  • 40 Russian twists
  • 40 bicycles
  • 80 side crunches
  • 40 crunches
  • 60 leg ups

Hugh is a bit sick after lunch so he decides to stay at the bungalow. Hilary is back so I can not longer stay in Hugh’s room and now I am back in the no A/C and no TV room. At 4:00 PM I go back to Emerald.

For the 1st time since training here there are a lot of foreigners. The usual Thai crowd is here since two of the guys have fights next week at Ao Nang stadium. Hugh and I spread the word during the day while getting Thai massage today and some of the people from there have shown up. We do 10 minutes with the Thai jumping rope (hose). It isn’t easy but I get through it. We do 3x 5 minute rounds of shadow boxing. The newer foreigners are talking Rit, Wil, and Pakda’s time so we shadow box a bit longer so that the new students can learn some techniques.

Pakda has me do 4 rounds on the heavy bag of normal Muay Thai. From there I work pads with Wil. This is the 1st time working full Thai with Wil and he holds pads different than the Thai guys. He is very tough and does his best to exhaust me. He kicks at me a lot and makes me check his kicks. He tells me that good Thais will throw 100 kicks per round and if you try and block body kicks with your arms they will either be broken or not working by the end of the fight. He says in Thailand all kicks are blocked with the check.

After bag work Wil holds pads again and I do 50 round kicks with each leg in 10 kick increments. He only accepts full speed and full power. It is hard but I can do it.

After this Wil and I do 15 minutes of clinch with knees. Wil kicks my butt again. I am learning a lot with him and improving my skills considerably for the short amount of time I have trained here.

Day four training 1600

10 min jump rope

Shadow boxing (15 minutes)

  • 3 – minute free
  • 1 – minute knees
  • 10 push ups
  • 1 min break
  • (repeat 3 times)

Heavy Bag (4x 3 min rounds)

  • Full speed and power Muay Thai

Pads (3x 3 min rounds)

  • Jab + cross + hook + low R kick + L hook + R body kick + check
  • Kicks with checks (fast)
  • Clinch, knees, and elbows
  • After the 3 rounds I do 50 full power full speed kicks in sets of 10

Clinch (15 minutes)

  • Worked full clinch with light knees and throws


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