Team training at Unit 2

With all of the new ‘MMA’ gyms popping up people often ask what differentiates the training at Unit 2 vs other ‘MMA’ gyms in the area.

Our answer is simple:Our training staff and the people who train here.

On any given day at Unit 2 there are multiple BJJ black belts, UFC/WEC fighters, and top pros training here.These elite martial artists and fighters only want to train with the best.Their livelihoods are 100% dependant ability to perform and they do not waste their time training with anyone but the best.

When looking for a gym to train at it only makes sense to train where the best go.We train and produce champions at the most elite levels of the sport.Our trainers have taken people from absolute beginner to World Champion.Even if you never intend to compete it only makes since to get the best possible training from the best instructors.

These are pictures from our daily pro fight team training.

Above picture from left to right:

  • Deigo Saravia – UFC Vet, BJJ black belt
  • Clay Harvison – Local pro fighter
  • Abongo Humphrey – Strike Force pro fighter
  • Forest Griffin – Former UFC World Champion
  • Roan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro – UFC Vet, BJJ Black belt
  • Rory Singer- UFC vet, BJJ black belt
  • Pete Snider – local pro fighter, BJJ brown belt
  • John Cofer – local pro fighter
  • Raphael Assuncao – WEC fighter, BJJ black belt

Above picture from left to right:

  • Todd Duffee – UFC vet, Fastest KO in UFC history
  • Philip Smith – BJJ black belt
  • Dr. Chris – BJJ brown belt
  • Douglass Lima – BJJ brown belt, local pro fighter
  • Jeff Boudreaux – local pro fighter
  • Arman Barros – BJJ brown belt
  • Chip Coffey – BJJ brown belt
  • Ethan Garrison – BJJ brown belt, local pro fighter

Above picture from left to right:

  • Bruno Frazatto – BJJ black belt, 2x Brazilian National Champion
  • Gabelaia Levan – BJJ brown belt
  • Brian Stann- Former WEC World Champion, UFC fighter
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