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Muay Thai fight in Thailand and a 35K run in Tokyo

On December 9th I arrived in Ao Nang Thailand for my 3rd adventure in training Muay Thai. Still suffering the effects of a 12 hour time change I made the pilgrimage to Emerald Muay Thai on the morning of December more »

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How to be accountable to yourself for fitness

Working at Unit 2 Fitness I regularly find myself a part of the process of getting a fighter ready for competition.  I have also been the fighter getting ready for a competition.  One of the interesting things about taking part more »

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How to keep excuses from keeping you fit

Excuses are the tools with which persons with no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing.  ~Steven Grayhm Everybody make excuses.  It’s human nature to make up excuses when we don’t feel like doing something. The difference more »

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Setting fitness goals for New Years

New Year’s Resolution time is once again upon us.  Current research shows that only 12% of “New Year’s resolutions” are kept.  So this year we have created a guide to setting goals and keeping them.  This year you can make more »

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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness when starting exercising

Typically within 24 to 72 hours after you start training or dramatically increase your training level your muscles will feel sore. This soreness comes from stretching and flexing the muscles and tendons causing tiny tears called micro trauma. Delayed onset muscle more »

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The Importance of Exercise Progression

New members are very excited about the idea of finally starting a martial fitness program and we are as equally excited for them. The benefits of participating in a structured exercise and fitness program has been documented many times over more »

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How to get motivated to get in the gym

One of the hardest parts of getting in shape is beginning your training. When I was in IT I worked from 9am to 6pm and spent another hour or so battling Atlanta’s traffic. The last thing I wanted to do more »

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Leaders should exercise for success

A study from the Center for Creative Leadership found that executives who exercise are significantly more effective leaders than those who don’t, says Sharon Mcdowell-Larson, Phd. Using data from CEOs and other top executives collected over a span of 10 more »

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