Sok Klab (Spinning Elbow) Muay Thai Tutorial

Spinning elbowThe spinning elbow technique is a unique technique in Muay Thai.  As you have to turn the body around to generate the elbow strike.  The Spinning Elbow is considered to be one of the most deadly dangerous techniques in Muay Thai.  Tremendous force is generated with the technique and landing it will typically result dropping the opponent.  Many times the strike will knock the opponent down and thus end the match.

 Typically the rear elbow is used for the Sok Slab.  To start the Spinning Elbow you step your lead leg across your opponents body.  From here you pivot on your feet to bring your back elbow around to your target.  It is important to look over your shoulder at your opponent while turning around to make the elbow strike.  You must also rotate your hips to deliver this technique.  This technique must be delivered quickly and smoothly in order to be effective.

The spinning elbow is a high risk move and is easily countered and evaded of not done properly.  Most Thai boxers will wait until the 4th or 5th round of their fight to use this technique as it works best against a winded and or over-confident fighter.

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