Setting fitness goals for New Years

New Year’s Resolution time is once again upon us.  Current research shows that only 12% of “New Year’s resolutions” are kept.  So this year we have created a guide to setting goals and keeping them.  This year you can make your resolution and make it stick.

  1. Identify a specific goal.  A goal could be drop 20lbs, increase back squat to 400lbs, or run a sub-20 minute 5K.  Vague goals such as lose weight, get stronger, or run faster are difficult to track and thus have a high probability of failure.
  2. Set a time frame for the goal.  I always set firm dates for things I want to accomplish. An example would be to drop to 154lbs by January 26th so that I can fight on the 27th.  These time goals have to be reasonable and obtainable.
  3. Break your goal into smaller obtainable units.  One of my current goals is to increase my back squat to 330lbs (butt on the floor to fully standing) by October 1st 2012.  My current back squat is 270lbs so this is a reasonable goal of increasing my squat by 6lbs per month.
  4. Set intermediate milestones.  In order to make sure that you are staying on track you need to have regular obtainable milestones.
  5. Track your progress.  I track everything in Open Office Calc (its like Excel for people that don’t feel like funding Microsoft’s holiday parties).

I hope too see you guys in our kickboxing, CrossFit, and Martial Arts classes making it happen this Year!

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