Say no to Sugar in your diet

Low sugar


We all know that in order to lose weight and generally be healthy we need to reduce the amount of refined sugar we are consuming.  This does NOT mean to reduce carbs but rather just refined sugar.

Many people try and use artificial sweeter in lieu of sugar.  There are several problems with doing this:

  1. Most of that stuff is unhealthy, unnatural, and in some cases carcinogenic
  2. The more sweets you eat the more you crave them

Sugar is hiding in all sorts of foods.  The garbage they serve in lieu of food at your local fast food restaurant is full of it.  Check out the movie “Super-size me” if you want more information about the sugar content of fast food.  It is shocking and pretty disgusting.  Most of the aisle food (i.e. the food that grocery stores sell that isn’t located on the perimeter of the store; which you should be avoiding anyway) is full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners.

An easy way to help cut sugar out of your diet is never add any sugar or artificial sweetener to your food and also to check the label on your groceries and never buy anything with more than 5g of sugar per serving.  Doing this will help you reduce your addiction (yes addiction) to sugar.  By eating less sugar in time you will crave it less.  The longer you go low sugar the easier it becomes.

In order to keep your blood sugar level happy and to keep from feeling too hungry make sure you are eating something every 3-4 hours.

In order to keep your self sane try using natural sweeteners like honey.  Sweet fruits such as pineapple are also good to curb the cravings.  100% natural raw foods such as fruit are the exception to the 5g of sugar per serving rule.

Here is a USDA chart of sugar content in food

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