Refuel your muscles after training

After you finish training you want your muscles to recover.  The better your replenish your muscle glycogen the harder you can train the next time.  You need to feed your muscles carbohydrates post training.  Right after training your muscles are highly receptive to producing new glycogen.  The blood flow to your muscles is increased and they will absorb glucose quickly.  There are three periods that are critical for muscle recovery.

  1. Right after you train you need high glycemic index carbs.  These kinds of carbs replenish glycogen best and so you should consume 50 g as soon as possible after training.  A great post workout drink is honey mixed with a protein powder.  This will help boost post training recovery and help prevent large drops in blood sugar.
  2. Every couple of hours after training continue to take in high glycemic index carbs until you have consumed about 100 g within four hours of training.
  3. Throughout the day eat low glycemic index carbs so that you have a ready supply of fuel for you next training session.

Following this you will give your muscles the fuel they need to perform optimally during training.

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