Open up your BJJ game

I have a reasonably good kimora from closed guard. I have been pulling that bad boy off since I learned back in 2003. I have tapped people WAY better at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu than I am with it. There was a time when it was my go to submission.

This is precisely why I avoid using it.

Like most people I enjoy tapping people more than I like getting tapped. The problem is I don’t learn much and grow as a BJJ practitioner when I tap people. I find I learn the most in class when I practice things that I as am not good at and then end up having to fight out of bad positions. I call this opening up my game.

As an exercise I will decide that no matter what I will only use only one technique strategy. No matter what other (better even) positions I get in I will keep fighting to get back to using this technique.

The immediate result is that I suck. My guard gets passed. My back gets taken. Sometimes I even get to tap (gasp!) to guys that I know I can beat if I was using another strategy. Eventually though I will become good enough at this new strategy to be able to add it to my tool box of techniques I can pull out when I need it.

I have tapped to guys of every belt rank in this gym and not once have I been threatened to be reranked lower. I do tend to get more nods of approval from him when I sweep or submit someone from one of my weak areas rather than going back to the old kimora from the closed guard.

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