Omega Will Testimonial

will_mooreWhen I first began working out at Unit 2 in January 2011, like many others, I was semi pessimistic about the idea of joining yet another gym. I had lived here in Atlanta for almost a decade and had recently relocated to the midtown area.  When I went online, I noticed that Unit two was literally right across the street from my new home. I figured since it was so close, I should have no excuse to just walk across the street and work out. When I first started, I did pretty good with going to classes. However, I would take long periods off. I also noticed that there was not much change going on with my body. My interests were peaked when the gym announced that it would be adding CrossFit classes. I heard of CrossFit, but never really knew what it was or what it was about. After getting back into a solid regiment and signing up for the gym’s Paleo Challenge, I finally started to do what it took to get back into shape. I began changing my diet, incorporating much of what I learned from the Paleo challenge. I also changed the way I worked out. This included increasing my intensity and really putting in 100% in every class. This made a huge difference! The classes got tougher and almost at the end of every class I felt like passing out. However, I also noticed that instead of losing 1 pound per week, I lost 2 pounds and gained lean muscle. Now, I am almost 20+ pounds lighter, and about 85% of my diet is Paleo. Thanks to Unit 2, I feel stronger and faster, and I am in the best shape of my life!



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