Saturday October 26th Muay Thai Smoker

Unit 2 Fitness will be hosting a Muay Thai smoker on October 26th 2013.  The tournament is open to male and female competitors with less than 8 amateur fights of any discipline (FCR, International Rules, MMA, Muay Thai, etc.). No one with professional fight experience is allowed!

We are doing all weight classes and we will match competitors based on weight and experience.


$20 registration before October 16th –

$25 registration from October 17th-25th –

$35 registration on October 26th (please register early!!)

Registration will close at 11:00 AM on the 26th.

Weight ins are a 12:00 PM on October 26th.   We will make brackets at this time.

All competitors are responsible for having all of their own gear.

Mandatory gear is as follows –

  • Thai boxing shorts
  • 16oz gloves
  • shin guards
  • mouth protector
  • groin protector
  • USA Boxing approved head gear.

We will NOT have any of this available to use or rent on the day of the smoker so please plan accordingly.

We need as many judges as possible to ensure that no one is judged by a trainer from their own gym/team.  If you’re gym is bringing competitors please consider helping us out with this so the tournament can be as fair as possible.  Also, any professional fighter is welcome to judge.

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