Nicole's testimonial – 90lbs lost in 1 year

nicole_before_and_afterMarch 1, 2010: I was in a place I thought I would never find myself in a million years. I was 100 lbs. over weight, very unhappy and anxiety filled. I was sitting around the house playing on the computer one day when I remembered a friend telling me about the gym that they wanted to go to. Out of boredom I looked up the website for Unit 2 Fitness. I filled out the sign up for a week free application online not thinking that I would really go long term. As much bad luck as I had in the past with “GYMS” I figured a week for free I could not go wrong.

Dymond called me to come in and meet him before my first kickboxing class. I had no idea how to do kickboxing or anything like it. I honestly figured I would not like it because I was born with a leg that is shorter in length and the ligaments/tendons are very tight. That makes it very tough sometimes to do things others do. I told Dymond about my condition and said, “I might not be able to do kickboxing”. His question to me was… “why not?” I gave him every excuse in the book and scheduled the appointment to meet him. He said he would work with me to see how he could help, but I did not really expect he would. I figured this will be just like the ones in the past. They would take my money and forget my name.

I showed up not knowing what to expect and boy was I surprised. Dymond guided me through that first class, and thanks to him I was addicted to kickboxing from that day forward. I walked out that day feeling accomplished and so proud of myself! I have to say Dymond was the most patient and caring person I had ever encountered at a gym. He was not only doing his job that day, but he was saving my life. He stuck with me every class until he felt I was doing it correctly and the best of my ability. I have never felt more comfortable in a gym or with the staff as I do at Unit 2 Fitness. The picture you see comes from 100% hard work on my part, but I feel that I would have not made it this far if I had not joined Unit 2 Fitness. I started with Kickboxing then worked some 360 classes in. I now participate in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! I would have never imaged myself here a year ago, but with hard work and dedication I am 90lbs. lighter and healthier than I have ever been. This is not a place for just fighters. This is place for all people who want to get or stay in shape and be healthy.

Thank you all… I love you and cannot wait to come in and sweat some more off this week. I still have 10lbs to go!

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