Muay Thai training trip day 4

The running is coming easily now. The heat is bearable. We do our normal morning run with relative ease. I spend my time during shadow boxing practicing Pee Pa’s snake style. The more I do it the more I see the truth of how it works.

Bag rounds today start with one round of just normal bag work. After that we do one minute of continuous punching followed by 30 seconds of rest. Pee Pa makes me turn over every punch and my shoulders burn from the effort. We do this three times.

Pee Pa calls me up for pad work. The way he has me move reminds of Anderson Silvia. He has me retreat then throw cross and retreat and throw upper-cut. He has taught me a new way to evade crosses and uppercuts without giving up ground to my opponent so that I can immediately fire back.

After pads I work more on the bags. We finish up with knees, disco knees, and 100 push ups.

The afternoon training starts with 15 minutes of jump rope. Other than the occasional slapping of Thai jump rope to my foot it is fairly easy now. During the 10 minutes of shadow boxing I continue to work Pee Pa’s style.

I work several rounds on the heavy bag of theep and head kicks. Pee Pa has changed my theep technique and I am just starting to get used to it. The back leg kick reminds me of something I have seen Anderson Silva do and the front leg theep is similar to a FCR style lead leg side kick. The back has more power and looks like a round kick at its inception. The front has a bit more range.

Pee Pa starts my pad work today with him bare fisted. He pushes me around the ring for a round having me evade and strike. After this he puts on the normal pads and go to work. He tells me I am getting better each day. It is exhausting and fun.

Joey and I do kick sparring today. I practice emulating Pee Pa during this. In addition to working the snake style I also attempt to emulate his very entertaining flamboyantly arrogant style. I can see Pee Pa finds this very amusing. Will tells me that Pee Pa’s theatrics in the ring are very common among the best fighters in Thailand.  After kick sparring I work clinch with one of the Swedish guys at the camp. I am able to use some of the new techniques that I have been learning while clinching him.

We finish up with 500 abs and 100 push ups.

Good times!

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