Muay Thai Fight Week Thoughts

I am not what many would consider the typical “prize fighter”. I grew up a nerdy kid that was more into his Commodore 64 computer then playing sports. I have spent most of my adult life in the IT field doing network engineering and security. In recent years I have worked in a fight gym; but was always one of the lesser athletes of the group. Dymond and Jeff both played team sports through high school and college.  I can’t catch a ball or throw one to save my life. I have had a life long passion for martial arts but was always one of the least “fighter types” in the group.  I don’t feel at all like Rocky…

It was a great shock to many of my friends and coworkers when I decided to take a Muay Thai fight at Wild Bills.

What I love about martial arts is that it is an individual sport at the end of the day. Yes, you have your team that helps you get to the fight, but at the end of the day there are only two people in the ring.

With that said- without a great team behind you there is NO WAY you could ever be a good fighter.

 You must have coaches to guide you, other fighters to train and spar with, and a good group that will support you though the process of getting ready to fight. I am very lucky to have world class guys at Unit 2 to train with. I have had the opportunity to train with world champions, UFC veterans, and many top pro fighters. As an amateur Muay Thai fighter this gives me a major advantage over someone from a school that doesn’t have the pedigree of people training there.

My training for this fight has been very difficult. The physical part is demanding but the mental aspect of preparing to have someone, who has no regard for my safety, get ready to do battle with me is tough. I spend time thinking about what he is doing and what his strategy for me is going to be. I know that he is shorter than I am and stronger than me. Based on this Randy has me working a lot of lateral movement and making sure that I moved after every combination as to avoid a hard right punch from him. Dymond had me doing the same and working a lot of clinch and knee. My training partners have been putting a lot of pressure on me and bullying me around the ring.  It is fight week and I am pretty much sick of training and just want to fight. I reality if he came by the gym I would offer to fight him today rather than wait. I am sure he is probably thinking the same thing.

Well, back to the bag…


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