Leaders should exercise for success

A study from the Center for Creative Leadership found that executives who exercise are significantly more effective leaders than those who don’t, says Sharon Mcdowell-Larson, Phd.

Using data from CEOs and other top executives collected over a span of 10 years, we compared two groups: those who were regular exercisers and those who were non-exercisers or sporadic exercisers. We cross-referenced the exercise status with “360-degree” assessment tools in which the individual executive is rated by colleagues on various leadership attributes.

We found that the exercisers rated significantly higher than their non-exercising peers on overall leadership effectiveness. They also scored higher on specific traits including: inspiring commitment, credibility, leading others, leading by example, energy, resilience and calmness.

As professionals we understand the challenges of having a busy schedule and fitting in time to work out, but it is my belief that if the President of the united States has time to work out then so does the rest of America.

Joining a fitness facility that offers professional instruction and instructor led classes will ensure that you stay motivated while acquiring the results that you want in a safe and effective way.

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