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Kung FuThe word Kung Fu literally translates to “hard work and dedication”.   In Chinese this can refer to any activity and does not necessarily have anything to do with Martial Arts.  Practicing writing skills or even the act of making tea well could both be considered Kung Fu.

In the United States many people refer to any Chinese martial art as Kung Fu.  Technically speaking Chinese martial arts are Zhong Gua Wu Shu.  The misconception came from movies that were poorly translated into english in the 1970s.

Unit 2 Fitness martial arts classes will help you become a proficient martial artist though hard work and dedication to each art.  Bruce Lee, one of the most famous Wu Shu movie stars of all time, realized the lacking in many traditional martial arts and studied American wrestling, boxing, and even Muay Thai in order to become a more well rounded fighter and martial artist.

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