How to stay motivated with fitness

Staying motivated to get in shape and lose weight can be difficult.  Here are 8 great ways to help you stay motivated to continue your journey to your most awesome self.

  1. Dig your sexiest (skinny) outfit out of the closet –  Grab that pair of jeans, dress, swim suit, etc out of the closet.  You know, the one that hasn’t fit in a quite some time.  Every time you pull that outfit out of the closet you are giving yourself a visual reminder of your goal.
  2. Commit with your wallet – Oh, I know this one sounds a bit self serving, but just hear me out.  If you prepay or sign up to be charged every month regardless of your attendance hopefully your inner cheapskate will force you to get off your butt and get to the gym.  I know for me I would be really angry with myself for purchasing a membership or personal training and then letting it go to waste.
  3. Become a regular – If you come to Unit 2 a lot and establish yourself as a regular here; the instructors AND the other students will start harassing your about non-attendance.  I have been told by several of my students they feel like they are playing hooky when they don’t shop up.
  4. Have more sex – The more weight you lose the better your sex life will be.  A recent study from Duke University found that a 10% reduction in weight resulted in significant improvements in all areas of people’s sex lives.
  5. Enlist your friends – Getting a training partner or two.  The more people you commit to about showing up at the gym the more likely you will be here training.  It is easier to let yourself down then your friends.
  6. Get a massage – People that accept their bodies are more likely to develop better eating habits.  Just allowing yourself to be touched be another person, as in a massage by a licensed massage therapist, can help you become more comfortable with your body.
  7. Lift the weight you have lost – This is a fascinating idea I read about recently and have started having people do.  Pick up a weight that is equal to the amount you have lost all ready.  For instance, grab a 12lbs wall ball and do 3 sets of 20 wall ball throws.  Now remember that that weight used to be on your butt.
  8. Keep a diary of your progress – I do this in Open Office Calc (Excel).  Track your training, weight, diet and performance benchmarks.  If you start getting discouraged you can see the progress you have made over time.  It also helps with a way to be accountable to yourself with your training and diet.
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