How to be accountable to yourself for fitness

Working at Unit 2 Fitness I regularly find myself a part of the process of getting a fighter ready for competition.  I have also been the fighter getting ready for a competition.  One of the interesting things about taking part of this process is how suddenly the fighter becomes accountable to everyone else on the team.  I remember when I was getting ready for my Muay Thai fight in January that everyone I passed asked me questions about my weight, training, and how I was feeling.  Every aspect of my training and life was coming under the close scrutiny of everyone that has ever competed on our team.

Last Saturday Dymond found and defeated his opponent in a professional Muay Thai fight at WBFN 35.  As one of his coaches and corner men every time I saw him for the past 2 months I have asked him these four questions.

  1. How is your weight?
  2. How do you feel?
  3. What have you done today (training)?
  4. How is your diet?

Will and Randy, the other two of his corner workers, asked these four questions each day too.  If you were to have followed Dymond around the gym each day nearly everyone that has ever competed at Unit 2 was asking 1 or more of these questions to him.  In any given day 40+ people might have asked Dymond how was his weight.  Additionally, I harassed Dymond about every piece of food or drink he consumed.

Imagine if half the people you saw every day asked you about your weight, your sleep, if you had trained that day, etc.  Imagine how much more you would have to have your fitness on point if you suddenly became accountable to everyone of your friends, cowers, and clients.  Ponder for a moment going out to eat with your friends and knowing they were going to critique every morsel of food you ate; and not quietly or kindly.

Not everyone is going to stand in front of a few thousand people and put their and the gym’s reputation on the line.  However, everyone can benefit from being accountable to others.  You are accountable to your instructor when you are in class.  This accountability can increase exponentially if you hire a personal trainer to call you and make you train and further scrutinize your fitness and diet.  If you compete you become accountable to the team.  If you have a training partner then you be accountable to each other.  We all need someone that is going to yell at us from time to time about our fitness.

Find someone to be accountable to!

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