Get involved

Unit 2 is a tight knit support system of coaches and teammates.  The more involved people get, the more successful they are.  Those who do the bare minimum and don’t talk to others are much more prone to fail.  We want you to be involved!

Checkout the Workout of the Day page.  We update this page daily with our workouts.  It is also a great place to interact with each other and discus the workout.  We also post pictures of members of the Unit 2 team.

Follow us on Facebook.  We post up the WOD, pictures, events, accomplishments, and important gym info (gym closing, class changes, etc.).

Read the blog.  We post up articles, advice, tutorials, and lots of other information.

Come to the tournaments.  We regularly compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Fitness and CrossFit tournaments.  Even if you aren’t competing this is a great way to interact with fellow gym members, meet people, and share in the fun!