Getting Started

Step 1 – Try out the gym

Unit 2 Fitness offers a free class to any metro-Atlanta resident who has never trained at Unit 2 and interested in exploring what we have to offer.  We recommend that you try one of the kickboxing, Beginner Martial Arts, or CrossFit classes start with.  This is the perfect opportunity to discover what Unit 2 Fitness has to offer without making any major commitments.

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Step 2 – Join the Unit 2 Team

We have many membership options for people who want to train with us.  Our membership pricing is based on which classes you will attend and how offer you would like to use the gym per week.  Unit 2 is the only MMA gym in Atlanta that lists its pricing online.  We believe in full transparency and simplicity when it comes to membership prices and options.

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Step 3 – Starting your new program

Unit 2 offers beginner classes in each of our Martial Arts and skills class for CrossFit.  We urge you to take advantage of these programs so that you can learn the fundamentals.  The beginner Martial Arts classes focus on technique and drills without the pressure of sparring.  The CrossFit skills class is on a 4 week cycle with each class focusing on a different skill or movement.

Step 4 – Get involved!

Unit 2 is a tight-knit support system of coaches and teammates.  The more involved people get, the more successful they are.  Those who do the bare minimum and don’t talk to others are much more prone to fail.

We want you to get involved!