Get in shape for Summer in Atlanta

Typically when I talk to people about fitness I like to chat about all of the noble reasons for being in shape:  being healthy, being strong, having a higher quality of life, reducing the chance of heart disease, etc.  This blog post isn’t about that.  This is about the less noble reason for being fit:  We all want to look good!

It is about to be “officially” summer.  Every weekend there are events at the various parks around town.  There are various pool parties each week including one of my favorites; ‘Elevate’ at the W Hotel Downtown on Sundays.  It is get out, do fun stuff, and meet cool people time.  It is the time of year where those of us that kept our bodies together during cold season get to have fun in the sun, show the hard work we put in at the gym, and have an awesome time doing so.

I love summer.  This was not always the case.  When I was in, shall we say, less than stellar shape I used to loath summer.  I complained about it being too hot, too humid, and that there was too much sun.  The problem wasn’t the season but rather it was the fact I didn’t like the way my body looked in summer attire.  It took me getting back into shape to discover my disdain for summer was all misdirection of my self image issues.

If you fall into the group that is a bit disenchanted with summer because of not being in the shape you would like to be in then you have two choices:

  1. You can give up and waste another summer of your life
  2. You can get your act together by getting in the shape you want to be in and enjoy the heck out of summer in Atlanta!

You still have time!  Summer is a fairly long season in Atlanta so if you aren’t where you want to be now you can make some impressive strides before it’s back to sweaters and long coats.  In the ensuing months you train hard at Unit 2, eat more healthy, and thus look better.  Just dropping a few pounds can really change your self image and help make this a summer great one.   Life is short – don’t waste it!

See you at the pool!

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