Day one in Thailand for 2011 Unit 2 Muay Thai trip

Joey and I arrived in Ao Nang last night. Jet lagged but excited we made our way to Emerald Muay this morning for training. Will and Eve greeted us with a smile and introduced us to the group of new trainers.

The training began with a 5K run. Once we made it back we met other Muay Thai students there. Several are getting ready for fights on Monday in Phuket. Both have been here for a while and fought last month. We then did 10 minutes of shadow boxing and 10 minutes on the heavy bag.

The round timers were set to 5 minutes and so pad work was especially difficult. After pad work we did light boxing sparring with clinch. Round one I was offense only, round two defense only, and round three was normal sparring. I sparred with one of the guys that is going to fight next month. He is built like Dymond – 20 or so pounds. He is a tough guy and I have fun working with him.

We finished up with 100 theeps on the bag and several hundred knees. After the real training we did 100 push ups for good measure.

One hour massage with Naman Muay = $5. Great way to spend an afternoon!

The afternoon training started at 4PM. Joey and I are a bit tired but still determined to get the most out of training. So far today I have drank 4 electrolyte drinks (think Pedilite) and about 8 liters of water. We start the training with 15 minutes of jump rope with the thick Thai ropes. We then do 10 minutes of shadow boxing. The bag work consisted of 3 of us assigned to a bag and doing 10 right kicks, 10 left kicks, and then holding the bag. We did this for 3 five minute rounds. Insanity!

The round timer was still set to those absurd five minute intervals for pads. The new Thai trainers that Will got are great. It was tough but I was still doing OK. Joey seemed to be doing well too.

After that we did kick sparring. I worked with Will. It was an exciting 10 or so minutes of me greeting the canvas with my rear end. Will and I then did about 10 minutes of clinch sparring. Between the jet lag, dehydration, and no evaporative cooling (humidity) I was starting to get a bit dizzy. Good fun! Will spent some time acquainting me with the canvas again. On a side note Will will be doing an exhibition fight with Buakaw soon. I can’t wait to see the video!

We then did several hundred knees. My legs were starting to cramp up from lack of electrolytes. (Note: I am drinking electrolyte drink as I write this).

After the real training we did 100 push ups and 500 abs.

Special note. When we left Atlanta Joey was 205lbs. We are here for 2 weeks and it will be interesting to see what 2 weeks of hard training and clean eating will do. We will be posting before and after pics!

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