Day 9 of training Muay Thai at the gym in Thailand

I woke up this morning not feeling so hot. I had to drag myself to the gym. I ran the morning run with Simon who is a MMA fighter from Sweden that is fighting for the 185lbs title there in two weeks. I was glad he was there to help motivate me to run. Alone it would have been tough. After the run we do 10 minutes of shadow boxing. Will then has us work on the bags for 3 rounds of 1 minute of continuous punches followed by 30 seconds rest.

I am sweating too much and my head aches. I down an electrolyte packet and drink water for a bit. When Pee Pa calls me up to work pads I am still not feeling well. I think he can tell so he pushes me hard and works on the technique that he dropped me with yesterday. By the second 5 minute round I am feeling better but still not 100%.

After the pads I do boxing sparring with a Muay Thai fighter from Spain. For the first time I am able to put to use the movement that Pee Pa has been working with on me. It was a breakthrough sparring session for me. It always amazes me how on the days that I feel the worst sometimes I perform the best.

Time for food and a nap!

The evening training starts as always. I am still feeling a bit off but determined to have a good session. Pee Pa calls me up for rounds. Today he is really pushing the pace having me to kick after kick after kick. He wants commitment in every round kick. It is a grueling few rounds.

I work on the bags working my movement, kicks, and knees. My knees are much better than ever before. Throwing well over a thousand techniques every day (heck probably every session) has made it so throwing techniques on the bag feels like it requires no effort. My body easily complies.

Pee Pa coaches Julian and I as we do clinch. We work under his guidance for about 15 minutes. I can easily see that my clinch has vastly improved since being in Thailand.

We finish up with knees, disco knees, stretching, and 100 push ups.

Good training = Happy days!

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