Day 8 Muay Thai training in Thailand

It is Saturday and Wil has decided that we should train on the beach. Rit is still recovering from his fight so it is Pakda and Wil working with us today. We start the day with a 1.5 KM jog up and down the beach. When we get back Wil tells us that we are going to do a 400M run (70% full speed) followed by a 100M sprint followed by a 500M jog back to the start. We do this three times. The soft and uneven terrain makes this very challenging.

Training starts with Wil holding pads. He says he wants us to do over 200 punches per round. Wil sets up a very long combination of punching an evading and has me do this several times. I then do 3 rounds of pads with Pakda. The hot sun and sand make this training particularly difficult.

People have lined up on the beach to watch. The local Thais seem to get a big kick out of watching foreigners do Muay Thai. Several of the older women jokingly challenge us to fights. Wil remarks we might be the only foreigners on the beach not drinking alcohol. Once we are finished we go for a swim to cool off.

Day eight training 0800


1.5 KM jog

Sprint Intervals

  • 400M 70%
  • 100M 100%
  • jog back
  • repeat 3 times


  • 200 punches per round. Very technical punching and evading combinations

Pads (3×3 min rounds)

  • Work on punches, elbows, and knees with clinch

At four o’clock I make my final journey to Emerald for this trip. I am saddened that I can not stay for a few more weeks but very happy with the improvements in my Muay Thai. Saturday afternoon training is the final one for the week so we push the pace harder than normal. 10 minutes of rope and three rounds of shadow boxing go by very quickly.

As I am putting on my hand wraps Pakda comes over and gives me the big sparring gloves and tells me that in lieu of doing heavy bag work he wants me to spar with Khalid, the fighter from Belgium. He doesn’t speak much English and I don’t speak much French so our conversations have been limited at this point. I am taller than he is but he is more muscled. He says he fights at 70KG (154lbs) so we are very close in weight. Since being in Thailand this has been the only “hard” sparring that I have done. He, like most westerners, punches fast and punches hard. We do three rounds. We hug and smile between rounds and the mood is still very light considering the level of contact. At the end of the three rounds I can tell we both have a new respect for each other.  For the rest of training today we cheer each other on during drills; each of us knowing how tough the other is.

I feel good after sparring and work one round of Muay Thai on the heavy bag. Wil calls me over and asks if I would like to hit pads. Wil pushes me very hard and we do 5 rounds (with a one round break between 3 and 4). After pads Wil has us do 20 kick intervals 4 times. I realize that I am doing hundreds of kicks per day. We then move onto clinch work. We work clinch for about 20 minutes switching off with each other when ever someone falls.

Day eight training 1600

10 min jump rope

Shadow boxing (15 minutes)

  • 3 – minute free
  • 1 – minute knees
  • 10 push ups
  • 1 min break
  • (repeat 3 times)

Hard Sparring (3x 3 min rounds)


Pads (5x 3 min rounds)

  • Kicks, kicks, and more kicks
  • Clinch and knee.


  • 20 kicks per leg full power and speed on pads
  • repeat 4 times

Clinch (20 minutes)

I have enjoyed training here and have learned a lot in a very short period of time. I have made many new friends from all over the world. I trained at Emerald with people from Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, England and of course Thailand. It was an amazing experience.

I can’t wait to come back!


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