Day 6 of training Muay Thai in Thailand

I am now mostly accustomed to the time change. That is to say I am only waking up 1 or 2 times a night at odd hours. We have been making friends with all of the other students at the gym and so today we end up running with a different group then normal. The guys in question are a French Special Forces guy and a French marathon runner. It would have been nice to know this before we agreed to run with them. Their pace was very fast and their idea of a short run was about 8 or 9KM.  We arrive back in the gym looking like we have just been swimming.

Whether you run 1KM or 10KM Pee Pa takes no pity on you during shadow boxing.  He yells “leo leo leo” (which means go faster in Thai) if we are not moving with enough vigor.

I work 3 rounds on the heavy bag.  I am specifically working on lateral evasion techniques followed by punches.

After the bag work I do 5 rounds of pads with Pee Pa. The work is intense and he continues to have me work on my evasion skills.  He tells me that many fights here are won by fighters that just evade for the first two or three rounds allowing their opponent to gas out so they can KO them in the later rounds.

Saturday morning training is short and we finish with 100 push ups.

The evening training starts with 10 minutes of rope and 10 minutes of shadow boxing. Today I work pads with Itt. We do 5 rounds of very hard and high intensity kicking drills. After this Itt and I do 5 rounds of full sparring. I have fun trying to use Pee Pa’s style while sparring with Itt. We then do 4 rounds of clinch. Despite my 20 or so pounds on Itt he manages to drop me several times in clinch.  To the Thais the clinch is so relaxed and natural.  They relax and push when I pull or pull when I push.  Always working to unbalance me and or make me use power so that I will become tired.

We finish with knees, disco knees, and 50 push ups.

It is the last day of training for the week so we all meet up after training for dinner and drinks.  Saturday night is the only day followed by a rest day so it is also the only day that anyone goes out to the local bars.  The trainers are all very well known around town and they take us to a karaoke bar with a live band where we sing Thai songs and American songs.  It was a great experience and we had lots of fun.

Sunday we head to Phucket to watch two guys from the gym fight at Patong Stadium.

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