Day 6 Muay Thai training in Thailand

I wake up today and my head feels like it has been hit by a truck. I decide to forgo the morning training and get a few more hours of sleep. The day passes quickly and soon it is time for afternoon training. A grab a 1.5 liter water bottle and chug a M150 and head to Emerald. It started storming when I was on the way so I end up being a few minutes late. Pakda notices that I am late so he makes me do a few more minutes of jump rope to make up for it. When I start shadow boxing I am the only one doing it since everyone else has already finished and moved to the heavy bags. As I start moving around I notice that my punches feel very crisp and my kicks are coming out great. I move around a little I realize for the 1st time in Thailand I feel 100%.

On the heavy bag I am still feeling great. Wil and I do intervals with full Muay Thai with 10/15/20 second full power full speed punches for the 1st round. The second round we do 5 second intervals every 30 seconds. At the end of heavy bag training I am still feeling awesome and not at all winded.

I work pads with Rit. I tell him I am feeling good so he goes hard on me. In between the rounds I am still feeling great. For the 2nd round he picks it up a bit since he can see I am feeling better. We work pushing the opponent off balance and kicking drills. The 3rd round we work on catching theeps to pushing the opponent off balance to kicking them.

Rit sees that I am itching to train more so he asks if I would like to spar. We do 3 rounds at a fast pace. Rit is an active fighter and his style is very different than fighters in the US. He is very good at putting his opponents on the ground to frustrate them and gain points. He, like most Thais, throws very few punches in comparison to westerners. After we finish working Pakda enters the ring and spars with one of the students. I am still feeling spry and Pakda senses this and asks me to spar. We go another three rounds. He is a 46 year old man but I can see that he must have been a formidable opponent in his day. He is very tough and hard to move. His ring control and presence is something that takes years and many fights to develop. It is easy to forget that I am much larger than he is when we spar.

Pakda sends me to the heavy bag for 100 knees and then Wil has us to 100 theeps. Then 310 abs and we call it a day.

Day six training 1600

10 min jump rope

Shadow boxing (15 minutes)

  • 3 – minute free
  • 1 – minute knees
  • 10 push ups
  • 1 min break
  • (repeat 3 times)

Heavy Bag (2x 3 min rounds)

  • Full speed and power Muay Thai with continuous punching intervals

Pads (3x 3 min rounds)

  • Kicks, kicks, and more kicks
  • Did I mention kicks.

Light full speed sparring (6×3 min rounds)

Heavy Bag

  • 100 alternating knees
  • 60 alternating theepsnit
  • 20 right theeps
  • 20 left theeps


  • 40 Thai sit ups
  • 60 Russian twists
  • 60 cross leg crunches
  • 40 cross leg with both feet off ground
  • 60 leg straight up toe touch
  • 50 leg raises with partner

Nick training Muay Thai in Thailand with Rit

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