Day 5 training Muay Thai at the gym in Thailand

Joey and I arrive at Emerald expecting to do our normal run. Will has other plans. It is Friday and he wants to be sure that our week has been tough enough. Our normal run is 25 minutes or so. Today we are gone for just over an hour. We run all the way from his gym through the jungle to Ao Nang Beach. We continue past the beach and up the street. At this point we turn around and go back to the gym. As it gets later the heat increases dramatically. By the time we get back to the gym I feel spent.

There is no pity for the exhausted here to Pee Pa tells us to immediately get to shadow boxing. After 10 minutes of admittedly slow shadow boxing I feel better. Popping an electrolyte tablet that Simon, an MMA fighter from Sweden that is built like a GSP, brings helps.

We work on the bag working theep and kicks for three rounds.

Pee Pa calls me to the ring for pad work. The rounds are set at 5 minutes again today. While in America I thought I knew what it was to be relaxed when doing Muay Thai. I am finding an entire new level of relaxed fighting here.

We finish with 100 push ups.

After breakfast I go back to the room to read and work on the blog. I fall asleep and wake at 3pm having missed lunch and massage for that matter. I run to 7-11 and grab healthy snacks that wont make me puke during training.

As if knowing of my lack of calories today the evening training is quite intense. We start with the normal 15 minutes of rope and 10 minutes of shadow boxing. Pee Pa has me working knees with my shadow boxing today. I then do 3 rounds on the heavy bag of round kicks and theeps.

I work pads with Pee Pa and he pushes the pace harder than usual. We do 5 rounds today which is great! He has me working tak malla and spinning elbows while retreating. It is very cool stuff! After pads Will and I do 3 rounds of kick sparring (no shin guards and also no checking) where we work on catching kicks and unbalancing the opponent. I get beaten but Will teaches me a lot. After that Will and I do 4 rounds of clinch. When I make it 1 minute with him and do not have to pick myself off the ground I feel like I am accomplished something. Will explains the techniques that he is using to beat me and I hope to use them on someone closer to my skill level to try them out.

We then do several hundred knees and disco knees. 100 push ups. 120 back hyperextension. 320 neck exercises that my neck will be sore from for a few days.

Tomorrow is the final day of training for the week. The two guys that are fighting Monday are looking ready. We are all excited for them. Most of the camp will be traveling to Phucket to see the fight.

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