Day 3 of the 2011 Thailand Muay Thai training trip

The morning starts as usual.  Get up.  Go to 7-11.  Spend just under $2 on 2x 2L bottles of water, 2x coffees, 2x electrolyte drinks (like gatorade but much better), and 2x fruit drinks.  Go to Emerald.  Go run.

We get back after the run and do shadow boxing.  Pee Pa helps me as I work and keeps telling me that good fighters have “slow heart” so they can fight 5 rounds easy.  He describes punching as taking money…  Will has taken Joey under his wing and is doing a great job helping him.

Pee Pa has me join him in the ring for pad work.  He is showing me ways of dealing with “brawler” type opponents by giving up space and attacking.

After working pads I practice some of the techniques on the bag.

Wednesday is a rest day so training is fairly easy.  We finish with 100 push ups.

Evening training comes and Joey and I both agree that we are feeling good.  I still feel a bit slow but better than in the morning.  The training starts with 15 minutes of jump rope.  After that we work shadow boxing.  Pee Pa calls me up to the ring for more pad work.  Now that I have been working with him for several days we are learning to communicate better.  As a result the training is getting more intense and more technical.  Pee Pa pushes me around the ring having me strike back then move away before he can counter (that is until he decides to actually hit me which he does occasionally for fun).

After pad work Pee Pa asks me to spar with him for 3 rounds.  Facing up against at 50+ year old 140lbs man shouldn’t be that hard… right?  He is like fighting water or maybe a ghost.  He stands in front of me laughing and making faces then moves away as I attempt to strike.  He is very helpful in telling me what to do while we spar.  I feel it will help me when I spar someone closer to my skill level but with him nothing I do results in me hitting anything other than air.  Occasionally he fires back.  If these are his “nice” kicks I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of his not nice ones.  I made the mistake of letting one of his kicks hit my forearm.  Better than my head but its going to hurt for a few days.

Joey is doing kick sparring with Will.  Joey enjoys having his butt kicked and Will happy to oblige.  Will propels his 150-someodd pounds into Joey hitting him 4 and 5 times for every time Joey attempts to strike.  When they clinch Joey uses his superior strength and size to his advantage only to learn that in Muay Thai it isn’t much of one.  They both look like they are having lots of fun!  They are both smiling ear to ear.

I speak with Will after and he says that Joey is fearless…  but he says maybe he should gain some fear.  I have knocked Joey out only to have him wake up and ask for me so I don’t think it is possible.

After the training we do 100 push ups, 300 abs, and 100 back exercises.

Pakda, one of my trainers from last year, shows up at the gym after training.  He is a promoter now and his taking Eve (the fighter from Belgium) for an exhibition.  It was nice seeing him again this year.

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