CrossFit WOD 10/12/2013

Teams of 4 (2 Men, 2 Women)

For time, each member of the four-person team must complete the following:
Row 1,000 meters
25 One-legged squats, alternating
15 Hang Cleans (225 / 135 lbs)

The four-person team will begin standing in line behind a single rower. At the call of “3-2-1 … Go!” the first team member gets on the rower and rows 1,000 meters, then gets off the rower and moves to a designated area to perform 25 one-legged squats. As soon as the first athlete is off the rower, the second athlete can move to the rower, reset the monitor and begin rowing.

After the first athlete completes 25 one-legged squats, he or she moves to a designated area to perform 15 hang cleans. After the 15th hang clean, the first athlete moves to the designated finish area.

All four athletes must perform each of the three drills in order. Team members cannot move to the next station until the team member in front of them has left that station. When the last team member completes his or her 15 hang cleans and joins the others in the designated finish area, the workout is complete.

Time cap: 25 minutes

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