CrossFit WOD 08/03/2013

Teams of 2

Deadlift Ladder – 6 Minute Time Cap  (below weights is RX, however, a scale is 95/135# for all DL)

Female Teammate: 15 Deadlift @ 75 LBS       Male Teammate: 3 Deadlift @ 225 LBS
Female Teammate: 12 Deadlift @ 95 LBS       Male Teammate: 6 Deadlift @ 205 LBS
Female Teammate: 9 Deadlift @ 115 LBS        Male Teammate: 9 Deadlift @ 185 LBS
Female Teammate: 6 Deadlift @ 135 LBS        Male Teammate: 12 Deadlift @ 165 LBS
Female Teammate: 3 Deadlift @ 165 LBS        Male Teammate: 15 Deadlift @ 135 LBS

Once the Deadlift WOD time has expired (6 Minutes) your team will have 1 minute to walk over to wall and do…

3 Minutes Max Rep Hand Stand Push-Ups


100 POINTS Possible for Deadlift WOD (see scoring chart for details)
2 POINTS for every successful handstand push-up your team completes
(ex. 1st place Deadlift = 100 pts, 23 HSPU = 56 pts TOTAL 156 pts).


  • One teammate works while the other maintains a static hold at top of Deadlift.
  • Female starts WOD with 15 reps @ 75 LBS, Male starts with 3 reps @ 225 LBS.
  • Female works down the ladder while Male works up the ladder.
  • Your partner CAN help you unload and load the bar when their reps are complete but REMEMBER, reps only count when partner has established the static hold again.
  • During WOD:
    • The weights come off Male partners bar and put on to the Female partners bar.
    • Full range of motion MUST be met during the lift (knees locked out, hips open and shoulders behind barbell).
    • You MAY drop the barbell from the top of Deadlift.
    • Clips MUST be locked for the lift to count.
    • If you finish WOD before the 6 minute time cap you will have the remaining time to rest however you MUST stay in your workouts area.


  • Split up the work however you want but only one teammate can work at a time.
  • One HSPU must be ATTEMPTED by each teammate for any reps to count.
  • Kipping is allowed.
  • Full range of motion MUST be met (head touches AbMat, elbows locked out and ONLY heels on wall at top of HSPU)
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