CrossFit WOD 07/27/2015


(also referred to as hell week) was awesome and you should all be proud of your effort.

Coach Ant’s main reason for hell week is NOT, because he hates you (Victoria) or because he is a masochist (Gillian), but to help everyone understand where they are as a CrossFit athlete. Your scores will stay on the board for the rest of the week, please make sure you take note of the scores to help you keep progressing each week.

Your 1 Rep Max Scores on Deadlift, Squat, Shoulder Press, Overhead Squat, Clean & Bench Press should be used to track your strength gains. Also, they are reference points for when you do 10 Rep, 5 Rep and 3 Rep Maxes.

Your “Fran”, “Fight Gone Bad” & Endurance Scores – Also known as “Benchmarks” should be used to track your progress. Every second taken off your time and every rep added to your score is an achievement you should be proud of.

Your Speed (Speed Test), Skill (Handstand Walk) & Power (Jumps) are good indicators of your athleticism, which will continue to rise as you train and practice the sport of CrossFit.

The next test week is 3 months away. What do you need to do until then?

You all show up every day and do your best. However, the athletes that are improving the most;

1. Work on weaknesses before and after class (Mobilize & Practice)

Time spent at the gym doesn’t equal success. What matters is what you do when you are at the gym. Arriving early and staying late is great, but only when that means you are utilizing that extra time to get better. When you are early you can prepare your body for the workout by mobilizing and when you stay late you should be working on your weaknesses. If you don’t know what you should be doing or you need some extra help just ask. We also have personal training sessions available with Coach Ant.

2. Follow the Unit 2 Levels  

The levels were created for you. No-one ever mastered anything overnight. To become Elite, Advanced and even intermediate in CrossFit you need to build a solid foundation. It is tempting to try and do the level up, but you might be missing the point of the workout. Skipping steps or trying to move up too fast could set you back. Make sure you leave that ego at the door.

3. Compete against THEMSELVES & Support OTHERS

Don’t be a “whiteboard warrior”. Most people who do CrossFit are competitive, but putting a score on the board where you missed reps or added reps to your score will not help YOU become a better athlete. However, supporting each other and getting to know the people you are sweating with will help you. We are all in this together, when you see someone struggling make sure you go over and support them, there will be a day when you need them to support you.




Front Squat 5 x 10 (60-70% 1 RM)


50 Pull-Ups / 35 Pull-Ups / 20 Pull-Ups
Run 400m
21 Thrusters 95/6575/55 65/45
Run 800m / Run 400m
21 Thrusters 95/6575/5565/45
Run 400m
50 Pull-Ups / 35 Pull-Ups / 20 Pull-Ups

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