CrossFit WOD 06/08/2013

In teams of two:

Complete 200 pushups (only one person does pushups at a time while other teamate completes one of the tasks listed below)

400 meters sand bag carries.
400 meters ball throw. 20/15#
400 meters Overhead ball side shuffles. (20/15# ball)
400 meters Farmers walk (2 pood / 1.5 pood) scales as necessary
2000 meter row (500 meter max increment per person allowed)
10,000 pounds deadlift (team may only setup one bar) (This must be last event)

Coach’s Notes: For the deadlift, if for example you are using 100 pounds, your team must complete 100reps. For the ball throw, when you pick the ball up, it must be deadlifted and cleaned with proper mechanics. Coach’s may send you back 10 feet if not done correctly. Sand Bags: If you put the bag on your shoulder it must first be cleaned with proper mechanics. For Overhead ball side shuffles, the ball may not rest on your head. You don’t have to have arms locked out, but it may not rest on the head.

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