CrossFit WOD 04/06/2013

Team WOD (teams of 2)
Men use 115#/Women #75
With a 45#/33# bar do 50 Thrusters each (100 total for team).
The bar must never touches the ground, you must pass it between partners.  If bar touches the ground at any time in the WOD then 5 burpees each.
When finished, load the bar up with your weight BUT the bar may never touch the ground.  Each person grabs an end and walk/run 800m with the bar at your hip only.  If you drop or set the bar down, 5 burpees each.

At the 800 do 50 Sit-ups each with your feet hooked around the plate.
Pick up the bar and continue to the 1 mile mark, turn around and come back to the 800.   Again, anytime the bar is set down, 5 burpees each.   When you return back to the 800 do 25 push-ups each with your hands on the bar.   Resting position will be in a plank with arms locked out.  5 burpee penalty.
Carry the bar back to the start and finish by doing 25 pull-ups each.   One person working at a time.

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