CrossFit WOD 03/23/2013

4 Man Teams-

WOD 1:
Teams must complete:
100 pullups
150 pushups
12 sandbag runs

Rules- only 1 person can work at a time on pullups/pushups. Pullups must be completed before pushups. Sandbag runs may be completed at any time and can have any number of people working on them. 10min cap.

WOD 2:

Teams must complete:
Max total pounds deadlift, 2 bars allowed.
Each member of the team must complete 2 400m runs with a 20 lb medball  and 15 jump and touches (1 ft above hand).

Rules: only 2 people can be working at a time on deadlifts. 10min cap.

2 rounds:

100m sprint
5 ground to overhead 135/95
250m sprint
10 back squats 135/95
350m sprint
15 situps
400m sprint
20 pullups

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