CrossFit will help you move

The ability to move and manage your body is key factor to being fit, healthy, and able to survive.  The ability to lift a heavy weight is not nearly as useful in daily life as the ability to lift yourself. In many life and death situations the ability to easily move one’s body around is necessary for survival.

As kids we ran, jumped, and climbed. It was effortless and we could do it as long as we were allowed to stay out of the house. As adults most of us can’t run, jump, or climb without serious effort and major injury potential. The reason is fairly simple: we don’t train to be able to. Rather than running outside we jump on the hamster wheel (treadmill) and half ass a workout while watching CNN. If we do any strength and conditioning we waste time on the machines rather than doing functional free weight exercises. We shy away from the pull up bars, dip stations, and plyo boxes.

In order to be really fit you must be able to run, jump, and climb with ease. It may seem like a daunting task at first but it really is fairly easy once you modify your training. This is a basic routine that I use to assess basic fitness.

  • Run 3 miles in under 30 minutes
  • Perform 10 pull ups without stopping or kipping
  • Perform 10 dips without stopping or kipping
  • Perform 30 push ups
  • Perform 50 squats
  • Perform 10 box jumps on the 24” box (women) or on the 36” box (men)

If you can’t do this yet then you need to build up to it. An easy way to start is to divide the entire routine by 3. Then work up to doing half, 3/4th, etc. Just working on these exercises each week will greatly improve your fitness.

Being able to move your body around will improve your performance in all areas of athletics.  It might also help you climb your way to freedom if ever you find yourself in trouble.  In our CrossFit program we employee many different types of training to help you learn to move your body.

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