HEMA – Historical Fencing Class

Keith Fencing

Historical European Martial Arts – Fencing Class

HEMA, or Historical European Martial Arts, is a broad term encompassing the movement to reconstruct Europe’s martial heritage by studying surviving sources, like fighting manuals and other literature, and then applying what we learn to non-cooperative sparring. HEMA can include anything from sword fighting or fencing, archery, daggers, wrestling, and even jousting.

We are the only historical fencing class available in mid-town Atlanta. The class draws mainly from the fencing manual of Joachim Meyer, “The Art of Combat”, along with some other 16th century fencing manuals and treatises. The main topic of study is fencing with the Longsword. We also occasionally will do some work with the Dussack, Dagger, and Sword and Buckler. The class is about teaching the practical applications of these styles of fencing as you would find it in the time period, as well as using it in tournaments and events.

This class involves basic drilling and skill progressions up to more active drilling and sparring. The Tuesday class is 1.5 hour long. While the Saturday class is split into two parts, the first part is 1.5 hour long and open to everyone, the second part is about 1 hour long and is open only to more advanced students.

Unit 2 Fitness’s HEMA group goes to several different events around the country. Such as Fechtschule America, Longpoint, WMAW, etc. It is also one of the hosts for Atlanta’s only open HEMA event, the South-East Renaissance Fencing Open.