Boxing Class

Unit 2’s Boxing Program is led by multi-time World Champion fighter Randy Pogue.  The boxing classes are divided up by skill and experience level. We spar using amateur boxing rules (head gear is mandatory).  Sparring is optional and only allowed in the Advanced Classes.  Classes at Unit 2 are designed so that participants of all skill levels may attend.  We are beginner friendly.

Our Beginner Class focuses on the fundamentals of boxing including basic foot work, movement drills, basic defensive techniques, and basic punching drills. This is one hour class.  We start with a warm up of skipping rope and shadow boxing.  Then we move on to working with focus mitts and boxing drills. It is open to participants of all skill levels including people who have never trained before.

Boxing classes in Atlanta

Our Advanced Classes are one to 1 to 1.5 hours in length.  This class builds on what was taught in the Beginner Class focusing on advanced techniques. You will learn how to punch. How to properly evade, block, and counter punches. You will learn proper stance, foot work, and movement to be an effective striker. Optional sparring sessions are also offered at this level of training. All training is conducted in a safe and team oriented environment. This class is ideal for the boxing enthusiast, pro/am boxers, Muay Thai fighters, and MMA fighters.

At Unit 2 we have trained people of all skill levels ranging from beginners who have never hit a bag to seasoned professional fighters.  We specialize in training students for boxing tournaments, amateur and professional fights. Let the professionals at Unit 2 help you achieve your goals.

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