Parkour Class

Derek side flip

The Parkour classes being taught at Unit 2 are structured for the film stunt community, however anyone can come to the class. Our main focus will be on teaching students how to safely maneuver obstacles that production or life may throw at them.

The class is beginner friendly, however, even advanced Parkour athletes will feel at home in our program.  Parkour classes are technique driven.  We neither expect nor condone a “go big or go home” attitude.  The class is geared for career stunt performers who can not afford to be injured in training.  As such we encourage all participants to go at their own pace.

parkourDerek Alfonso is the head parkour instructor at Unit 2 Fitness.  Derek has been training parkour since 2009 and has been instructing parkour since 2013. He is a former member of WFPF (World Freerunning Parkour Federation) where he was a live show parkour performer.  His passion for the sport stems from more than just the physical activity of jumping off objects.  He has found that the lifestyle parkour promotes has been invaluable to him in many different aspects of his life.

Derek is also a stunt performer in the motion picture industry.  His work can be seen in Guardians of The Galaxy 2, The Nice Guys, The Walking Dead, and other movies and television shows.

Parkour classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00 PM – 2:30PM.