Choosing a Mixed Martial Arts gym

Choosing a mixed martial arts gym is a very difficult choice.  There are no government regulations on the standards for a martial arts instructor or program.  Even among professional affiliations there is no guarantee of instructor quality.  Many schools use “big name” programs, which often times only require paying an annual fee, that carries with it no assurance of quality.  Instructors can say they are “World Champions” but that can mean very little or quite a lot depending on what “World Championship” they have.

FACT- Not all BJJ and MMA programs are created equal

FACT – There are very few qualified BJJ instructors in Atlanta.  You have more fingers on one hand then there are quality instructors in Atlanta.

FACT – Many of the so-called MMA/BJJ Instructors are career Karate guys with only a few years of experience in BJJ that have jumped on the MMA bandwagon.  Other so called”BJJ” instructors are really just wrestlers or other practitioners of other grappling arts that know that people want Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and thus call their program that but are not formerly trained in BJJ.

FACT – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is trained with a gi the VAST majority of the time.  If the school trains more no-gi than gi it is safe to assume that they are more into “image” than actually learning how to grapple well.  Nearly every REAL world champion trains 80%-90% of their time in the gi.

FACT – In BJJ the “World Championship” titles that matter for elite instructors are the Mundials, Pan American Championships, and the ADCC at the Black Belt Level.  There are only TWO gyms in Atlanta that have BJJ instructors with those kind of World Championship titles.

FACT – REAL Brazilian JIu-jitsu programs MUST be run by BJJ black belts with a traceable linage back to the Gracie family.

FACT – Every gym has a few tough guys in it that win fights and tournaments.  The real test of the quality of a program is not how a few top guys do but how the majority of the team does at tournaments.

FACT – A quality MMA coach will not let you fight without significant training and experience.  Any gym that promises you can fight MMA (with no prior experience) in under a year is NOT concerned with your success as a fighter.

If you are reading this it is safe to assume that you care about the instruction that you are receiving and that you want to be in the best program around.  You want to reach your goals and get the best results possible.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do you want to go to a gym that has a real beginner program or do you just want to be thrown in with advanced students and get beaten up?
  2. Do you want to train in a program that has consistent results of having beginners to advanced students alike succeeding in tournaments?
  3. Do you want to train with the coach that nearly every UFC fighter in GA trusts with their training?
  4. Do you want to be part of a tight-knit support system of coaches and teammates who are all interested in helping each other achieve success?
  5. Do you want to reap the benefits of being part of an organization with an international reputation for bringing world-class training to men and women of all different ages, backgrounds, and interests?

If you are serious about finding a Mixed Martial Arts and BJJ program that will truly enhance your life and put you on the path to success then please give us a call and make an appointment for your FREE WEEK of training.