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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that was developed by slaves during the colonial period. They developed the art as a way of resisting their oppressors, transmitting their culture and lifting their spirits. Capoeira integrated elements of dance among kicks and defensive movements. This was in an effort to disguise the practice of the fighting techniques. Today it has evolved from its storied past into an exciting martial art practiced the world over by thousands of people.

Capoeira classes at Unit 2 are given by Cordao de Ouro Atlanta/Volta por Cima, a branch of the world-renowned capoeira group Cordao de Ouro. CDO Atlanta/Volta por Cima is led by Muriel Ribeiro. He is a Contra Mestere in capoeira with 20 years of experience. One of his most senior students, Sean Porter, conducts the Unit 2 training sessions.

Capoeira training provides cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training, all of which are essential for overall health. Each 60-minute class consists of a warm up, calisthenics, and training in individual movements and partnered sequences. Some classes conclude with a roda (pronounced ho-duh) where capoeiristas apply the skills they have learned in class.

When you come to class you will notice that most students are wearing a uniform that consists of CDO Atlanta pants and t-shirt. As a beginner, you are welcome to train capoeira in clothing that you feel comfortable moving around and sweating in such as workout clothes (track or yoga pants and a t-shirt). However, if you decide to train regularly we encourage you to purchase a uniform.


Class Length: 60  minutes
Attire: Capoeira uniform
Equipment Needed: none

Experience Needed: none





Muriel Inverted
Capoeira Kick
Capoeira Handstand Capoeira 1 handed handstands
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