Calories needed per day

The amount of calories a person needs each day is dependent on how much they weight, body composition, activity level, and their sex. The numbers listed below are a good starting point but are by no means the absolute rule for any given person. You will need to adjust slightly from these in order to get to a caloric level that suits your needs.

Weight maintenance (1.4 g protein per kg and about 7-10 g carbs per kg)

  • Men – 44 calories per kg
  • Women – 38 calories per kg (some very petite women may need less)

Muscle Building (1.6 g protein per kg and about 10 g carbs per kg)

  • Men – 52-60 calories per kg (start low and add as needed – you want to put on muscle only)
  • Women – 44 calories per kg

Weight loss (2 g protein per kg, carbs vary for men and women for weight loss)

  • Men – 33-38 calories per kg and 6g carbs per kg
  • Women – It is harder for women to burn fat than men so they should reduce calories by about 500 cal/day from weight maintenance and also add 500 calories of cardio per day. 5 g carbs per kg per day.
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