Beware of the Martial Arts Scammers!!

In the martial arts industry as in all industries, there are organizations that are legitimate and stand behind their products and then there are the organizations that are little more than snake oil salesmen who are willing to tell you and sell you anything to take your hard earned money.

While we take pride in our role as motivators for our members, we are fully aware that our products/services must be exactly what we say and advertise our products to be and we should deliver the highest quality products and services possible.  Truthfulness in our messages to you guys is something that we wholeheartedly stand behind.  What I’m alluding to are the gyms that make empty promises of accelerated martial arts skill mastery and your subsequent ability to fight as a professional in the Ultimate Fighting championship or K-1 Max Tournament.

The reality is that few of us can compete at these high levels for many reasons. The first reason is simply physical ability. If I told you that you could play for the Atlanta Falcons with only 6 months of football training, you would think I was an idiot; and you would be right!  The second of many reasons is that the level of dedication one must have to compete at the UFC or NFL level is beyond most of our comprehension.  If you are not only athletically gifted as well as willing and able to train 2-3 times per day, 6 days per week, your future in the UFC is bleak.  I am not saying these things to discourage you from attaining your dreams and goals because like I said, we are here to motivate and support you in your martial journey.  The reason I’m bringing this up is because many gyms around town will take advantage of young or otherwise impressionable people who may not understand what it takes to compete in a K-1 Max or Strike force tournament.  These charlatans promise things that are all but unobtainable to excited newbies who walk into their training halls. At least twice weekly we have athletes and non-athletes who come to our gym espousing their dreams to be fight next to Anderson Silva or BJ Penn.  We have taken the lead in the Atlanta martial arts industry to explain fully to new martial artists that the process to attaining such admirable goals is an involved one that takes considerable time, skill, dedication, and luck.  We want you all to be the best you can be and we will not set you up for disappointment or failure.  On many occasions a would be fighter will choose not to take the lead of our World Champion instructors or follow their timelines, structure, and advice. These people run to the nearest gym that promises them fame or fortune or convinces them that their “Kung Fu” is better than any other system around.

If anyone tells you that their one martial system is the best in the land, their being dishonest with you at best.  If they are willing to put you in the cage or ring without adequate training, then they don’t have your best interest at heart.

Be aware of the martial arts scammers and stick with Unit 2 Fitness. We will always keep it real with you to ensure your martial arts development.

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